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l Publisher of The Beverage Antenna Handbook.

l    Supplier of transformer cores, clips and FET's
  used in Beverage Antenna construction.

Getting Started with Beverage Antennas........

l Beverage Antennas are directional receiving antennas which are inexpensive, easy to construct and easy to maintain because of their low height. They possess directional characteristics which make them useful for working DX, short wave listening, middle wave and long wave broadcast listening and as broadband amateur radio receiving antennas.

l Their ability to null out noise and interference gives the user a formidable advantage in maintaining communications under severe conditions. The null steering controls are entirely electrical, thereby avoiding the use of mechanical antenna rotation.

l The BEVERAGE ANTENNA HANDBOOK provides theory, antenna patterns, layouts, construction advice, null steering circuits and transformer winding details for center-fed and end-fed versions using a choice of open wire, coaxial cable or twin-lead construction. We also provide ferrite cores, mounting clips and FET's used in antenna systems.


Victor A. Misek, P.E.


  Typical RF transformer used in Beverage Antenna construction, using two MN8CX cores ( 1/2 inch diameter) mounted in a bronze fuse clip. The fuse clip provides a good ohmic ground for the cores and acts as a Faraday shield. If you have the SECOND EDITION of the handbook, you can update your transformers to two cores. Click on CORE UPDATE.

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Beverage Antenna Handbook, 3rd Edition $24.95 (postpaid in US).

MN8CX Cores
4 @ $6.00
8 @ $10.00
16 @ $16.00

Bronze Clips

$1.50 each

Replaces VN66AFD
$1.90 each


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How was the Beverage antenna discovered?
A letter from H. H. Beverage provides the answer.
Beverage Letter

Figure 1.
The wave antenna (Beverage) in its simplest form.

Shown below are sample designs contained in The Beverage Antenna Handbook.
Each design includes transformer winding details. End-fed and center-fed
 antenna designs are shown.

The Double Sloper is the simplest embodiment of the basic antenna in Figure 1.

The Center Fed design produces two independent directivity patterns, one to the left and one to the right. A steerable null can be formed by subtracting one pattern from the other. The two patterns can also be added to maximize gain. Simplified and advanced null-steering control designs are provided.

Chapter Headings

1. Introduction to Beverage Antenna
2. The Single Wire Wave Antenna
3. Single Wire Wave Antenna Construction
4. Steerable Wave Antenna Theory
5. Steerable Wave Antenna Construction
6. Steerable Wave Antenna Operation